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Beneficial Features of Superflex Hoses by Exhaust Away

There are many benefits Superflex exhaust hoses we offer. Here are some of them:
  • Designed to withstand temperatures as high as 600 degrees F when they are used in exhaust applications with a fan-assisted system.
  • Flexible even at low temperatures.
  • Accordion-like design prevents bending and kinking under tight bends.
  • Crush-proof design means they are made to last even in tough environments.

Applications of Superflex Exhaust Hoses

Our Superflex exhaust hoses are best suited for overhead exhaust systems for servicing vertical mounted pipes. They can be connected with a straight splice or elbow. They may be used in conjunction with a standard ACT series hose where it is used to take tighter bends and the ACT hose covers a straighter section. Since it cannot be used with adapters, it is important to make sure that the exhaust pipe it fits over is at least ½” smaller in diameter than the ID of the Superflex hose.