About Us

Exhaust-Away was established with the sole aim to design, manufacture, and deliver high-quality vehicle exhaust solutions including exhaust hoses and accessories to the customers in the US. We understand the challenging working conditions in vehicle repair and automotive facilities. Also, we know how people working in these facilities rely on quality hoses and accessories to drive away toxic fumes and other by products. This is why all our hoses and accessories are made of high quality materials and are designed to assure safety and security to the people and environment.

Innovation is at the core of every hose solution provided by us. This has enabled us to serve our clients with an expansive range of innovative and safety-drive exhaust hose products for vehicle fume capture and other challenging industrial applications. We provide one of the largest collections of exhaust hoses including ACT,Dyno , Flare-Lok, High Temp, Modor, Telescoping . Our solutions are easy to install and use, and require minimal maintenance costs. Our hoses possess crushproof construction, and are made of materials like EPDM rubber, wire-reinforced plastic, and so on. We also provide fittings, adapters,and Y-assemblies for our hoses.

With our engineering expertise, technical knowledge, and quote response, Exhaust-Away has become a one-stop partner for businesses requiring vehicle exhaust removal systems.