Wire Hose Adapters


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Beneficial Features of Wire Hose Adapters Offered by Exhaust-Away

  • Allows convert fabric and wire hose with limited accessory options into an efficient Exhaust-Away garage exhaust hose system that allows for complete customization.
  • Repair/replace the damaged end of an existing garage exhaust hose, not the whole thing.
  • Upgrade the durability of the business end of the exhaust system where most damage is likely to occur.
  • Allow for proper servicing of dual exhaust or flush-mounted vehicles, which are both difficult for many fabric and wire systems.
  • Very affordable way to improve performance of garage exhaust hose systems.

Applications of Wire Hose Adapters

Our overhead hoses and overhead fittings find applications across multiple industries. Here are some of the application areas:

  • Service stations
  • Dealerships
  • Industrial ventilation
  • Heavy truck or service vehicle garages
  • Municipal garages