Universal Tailpipe Adapters


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Beneficial Features of Universal Tailpipe Adapters at Exhaust-Away

Here are some common beneficial features of our Universal tailpipe adapters:
  • Our universal exhaust pipe adapters can withstand exhaust temperatures up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit when used with a fan assisted system.
  • These universal exhaust pipe adapters assure flexibility. You can reduce the size of the opening for smaller exhaust tailpipes.
  • Universal tailpipe adapters fit a variety of tailpipe sizes, although leaving a gap of half an inch is always recommended to utilize ambient airflow.
  • Designed for harsh exhaust applications, the use of proper tailpipe adapters prevents excess wear and tear on your garage exhaust hose.
  • Universal tailpipe adapters screw onto garage exhaust hoses with internal diameters between 2″ and 4″.
  • They are extremely durable and have a long operational life.

Applications of Tailpipe Adapters

Our tailpipe adapters find application in the following areas:

To learn more about garage exhaust universal tailpipe adapters or other types of adapters, please get in touch with our team our today.