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Large Trucks / Busses

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Beneficial Features of ACT Exhaust Hoses from Exhaust-Away

Here are some common features of our ACT exhaust hoses when used along with the required accessories, adapters, and a fan assisted system:
  • Can handle 600F temperatures when used with a fan assisted system and the appropriate tailpipe/stack adapter.
  • Offered in 4”, 5”, and 6” ID
  • Available with wire reinforcement for times when tighter bends are required to prevent kinking.
  • Optional overhead elbow allows for use of a rope and pulley system.
  • Adapter options up to 12” diameter.
  • Solid rubber models can be run over and will bounce right back.

Applications for ACT Hoses

All of our ACT hoses are great for overhead systems. The 4” diameter models of ACT garage exhaust hoses can be used for in-ground based systems as well. Our ACT garage exhaust hoses are specifically designed for vehicle systems. The following are a few applications that utilize our ACT hoses::
  • Large diesel or gas vehicle exhaust
  • Construction equipment exhaust
  • Industrial exhaust systems
  • Chemical fume extraction systems