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Types of Adapters Offered at Exhaust Away

We understand the importance of coupling hoses with the right accessories to provide a complete system. A hose by itself, or even one basic adapter, cannot possibly work for every situation that the diverse auto market has to offer. Thus, we provide adapters in the following designs:

  • Diesel Stack Adapters: Available in 6”, 8”, 9”, and 12” diameters, these diesel stack adapters feature a rod through the middle so that they can sit on top of the stack and ensure proper airflow. Many of these diesel stack adapters are also suited for ground-based applications such as buses and other vehicles.
  • Straight Adapters: These are used on round pipes and come in sizes from 2.5” to 4.5” in diameter. A hook and chain assembly helps to hold them in place when attached to the underbody of the vehicle. For larger round pipes you can use a Diesel Stack Adapter.
  • Oval Adapters: The oval adapter options range from the relatively small F475 at 3” x 6”, up to the massive F1550, which is 3” x 15”. Most come with a hook and chain to attach to the underbody of the vehicle, but we also offer the suction cup adapter (-SC suffix) for flush mounted pipes that are increasingly more common. The F675-SC is our most popular suction cup adapter, but any of them can be configured this way.
  • Universal Adapters: As the name indicates, these adapters can fit a wide range of tailpipes. Unlike other regular adapters, these adapters feature attached clips, which helps reduce the size of the opening for tailpipes with small diameters or profiles.
  • Wire Hose Adapters (WHA): This wire hose adapter comes with a clamp and enables you to connect to your existing overhead system. Each WHA adapter has two feet of crushproof hose with a slightly tapered cuff that clamps onto your existing hose.

Beneficial Features of Adapters

Our Exhaust-Away adapters are important additions to the vast majority of systems to ensure proper fit and function. Some of the benefits include:

  • All our adapters including diesel adapters are easy to connect and disconnect as needed.
  • By allowing for at least ½ " gap of clearance, they ensure better airflow and optimum performance for your exhaust removal system.
  • All adapters including diesel adapters can withstand high exhaust temperatures up to 600°F when they are used with fan-assisted systems.
  • They help hold the system in place during operation.
  • They are easy to replace if damaged, preventing the more expensive hose from needing replacement.
  • They maximize the functionality of any given hose size by allowing it to work on a wide range of vehicles instead of just a few round pipe sizes.