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Beneficial Features of Various Multipurpose Overhead Reel Hoses at Exhaust-Away

Here are some common beneficial features of our MODOR hoses when used along with the required accessories, adapters, and a fan assisted system:
  • MODOR hoses can withstand exhaust temperatures as high as 570 degrees Fahrenheit when used with a fan-assisted system.
  • They are offered in 4”, 5”, or 6” ID’s and come standard in 25’ lengths.
  • These hoses have two sections- a rubber section and a lightweight section. The lightweight reinforced hose section is 20 feet and the rubber hose section is 5 feet.
  • The rubber section of 5 feet has a layer of solid crush-proof EPDM.
  • We can customize the inner diameter and length based on your application requirement.
  • They are extremely durable and have a long operational life.

Applications of MODOR Hoses

Here are some of the application areas of MODOR hoses:
  • Overhead drop or reel systems in automobile repair shops and garages
  • Industrial fire prevention systems
  • Carbon monoxide exhaust extraction systems
  • Chemical fume extraction systems