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Features of Diesel Kits Provided by Exhaust-Away

We provide overhead kits for diesel exhaust systems. These kits are necessary to protect the health of your employees. They are designed to connect to overhead exhaust systems. We currently provide the following kits:

The following features of these diesel kits make them an ideal choice for various repair facilities:

The kit features both wire reinforced and rubber hoses along with a stack adapter, aluminum elbow, and overhead duct connector. These hoses are proven to remove diesel exhaust efficiently.

  • Each kit contains two 11’ hoses and are offered in 5″ and 6″ diameters.
  • Stack adapters included in these kits can cover stacks from 5.5″ to 7.5″ O.D.
  • An overhead duct system is necessary for removing diesel exhaust fumes. The kit features an overhead duct connector which attaches to a “T” off your existing duct work.

Applications of Diesel Kits

Diesel kits are used as vehicle exhaust extraction systems in several industries. We offer diesel kits for the following industrial applications:

  • Semi repair facility
  • Farm equipment repair facility
  • Bus and truck repair facility
  • Fire departments
  • Vehicle exhaust ventilation systems
  • Diesel exhaust systems for garage

Diesel engines made after 2008 must follow the government-mandated regeneration cycle for cleaning exhaust systems. This regeneration process must happen only when the vehicle is being driven, not when it is connected to any duct or exhaust system. This is because high temperatures are produced during the regeneration, which may destroy the exhaust removal equipment.