Door Ports

Door Ports

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Beneficial Features of Garage Door Exhaust Ports Offered by Exhaust-Away

Garage door ports by Exhaust-Away are regularly ordered by automotive repair facilities and garages. The advantages are as listed below:

  • Door ports consist of two pieces that can be easily fitted to each side of the door using the screws provided with it.
  • They can fit 2.5", 3", or 4" inside diameter hoses.
  • Our aluminum door ports can easily withstand harsh work environments. We also provide rubber door ports that adds to their durability and flexibility at the same time.
  • They can fit 1" doors; however, they are also suited for thicker doors. For thicker doors, use them with threaded rods and nuts (not included).
  • These garage door ports help prevent kinking of the hose passing through it.
  • They help reduce the loss of tempered air in the workshop.

Tips for Selection

  • When selecting a garage door port listed on this page, ensure that your door hole opening size and hose size are suited for your application.
  • Always choose a garage door exhaust port that fits the outside diameter of your exhaust hose. For instance, a 4" hose will require a larger port, because its outer diameter is 4.75 inches.