Hose Fittings & Connectors


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Types of Fittings Offered at Exhaust-Away

The various types of fittings we offer can be categorized by how they are used:

  • Y Connectors: These garage exhaust hose fittings are used to as duct connectors in a Y-shaped tubing system, which are needed for vehicles with dual exhausts.
  • Elbow Connectors: Our rubber hose elbow fittings connect the garage exhaust hoses to in-ground systems. Aluminum elbows have an eyelet used to connect two hoses to an overhead pulley system.
  • Splices: Splice connectors are used to connect two of our garage exhaust hoses together. Rubber splices have internal threads, while aluminum splices have external threads.
  • Door ports: These are required for out-the-door garage exhaust systems. Door ports are installed by putting one piece on each side of the door and then connecting them with included screws. They fit one-inch thick doors out of the box. Use threaded rod and nuts (not included) for thicker doors.
  • Overhead Connectors: These are used to connect our garage exhaust hoses to overhead duct work.

Applications of Our Fittings

Our fittings are a critical component for any garage exhaust system. Multiple industries have vehicle repair facilities.

  • Garages
  • Dealerships
  • Airports
  • Fire Departments
  • Military facilities
  • Municipalities

Exhaust-Away’s fittings are of the highest quality. You can reach us via phone or email for any technical questions.