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Beneficial Features of FlareLok® Exhaust Hoses

Here are some beneficial features of FlareLok exhaust hoses which have made them a popular choice. There is no better value on the market than FlareLok®!

  • The hoses are made of 100% solid EPDM rubber and have a 70+ year track record of success in garage exhaust removal systems.
  • The hoses measure 11 feet long with inner diameters options of 2ʺ, 2.5ʺ, 3ʺ, 3.5ʺ and 4ʺ.
  • FlareLok rubber duct hoses are completely crush-proof, unlike hoses with reinforcing wire, which makes them ideal for use at floor level where vehicles are likely to run them over or where carts and equipment can smash into them.
  • For out-the-door applications, they can be easily disconnected and stored out of the way.
  • FlareLok garage exhaust hoses assure proven durability for all gasoline and light diesel applications.
  • When used with a fan-assisted system and a proper adapter, these garage exhaust hoses can withstand temperatures up to 600°F.
  • Like all other garage exhaust hoses provided by Exhaust-Away, these FlareLok® hoses must be used with the right adapter for achieving desirable results.

Applications of FlareLok Hoses

Exhaust-Away recommends using FlareLok exhaust hoses for vehicle emission applications. Here are some of the application areas of these hoses, especially in underground, overhead, and out-the-door systems:

  • Vehicle exhaust systems
  • Industrial exhaust systems
  • Fume exhaust systems in garages or repair shops