At Exhaust-Away, you can shop for exhaust hoses for automotive service, diesel exhaust removal, or general industrial exhaust applications. We have options for out-the-door, underfloor, and overhead systems, so no matter your needs we have a solution for you! Our solid rubber, crushproof exhaust hoses are proven to outperform other exhaust hoses where frequent movement and/or impacts may occur. We also offer fabric and wire hoses which can be used with overhead systems like reels and rails, and for applications from 600ºF to 2000ºF. Exhaust-Away’s wide selection and options can’t be beat! We can provide you all automotive and garage exhaust hoses you may need, including:

All our exhaust hoses are manufactured in the USA and are made to last. They are provided with a wide range of accessories such as tailpipe adapters and Y-connectors. We also provide dealer and diesel kit options as out-of-box solutions if you’re starting from scratch.

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