Straight Tailpipe Adapters


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Features of Straight Tailpipe Adapters

The following features of these tailpipe adapters make them an ideal choice for any facility dealing with exhaust gases:
  • Our straight tailpipe adapters are designed for round pipes.
  • They can be affixed to the vehicle using a chain and hook.
  • These tailpipe adapters range in size between 2.5” internal diameter to 8” internal diameter.
  • Straight tailpipe adapters can be easily screwed onto your existing Crushproof hose.
  • They are proven to increase the life of garage exhaust hoses because of their durable construction.

Applications of Tailpipe Adapters

Our straight tailpipe adapters are suitable for several high-temperature industrial exhaust applications. Some of the common applications of our tailpipe adapters are listed below.

  • Vehicle repair facilities
  • Fire stations
  • Automotive dealerships
  • Municipalities