Diesel Stack Adapters


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Beneficial Features of Diesel Stack Adapters

Here are some reasons why our diesel stack adapters are a versatile and cost-effective solution:

  • Stack adapters are designed to ensure that your diesel vehicle exhaust system is capturing the fumes properly.
  • Our vertical diesel stack adapters do not damage the stack or pipe leaving them with scratches.
  • They improve hose life by ensuring better heat dissipation.
  • Allowing for at least one-half inch difference between the OD of the stack and the ID of adapter ensures proper ambient air introduction and flow through the system.
  • All our vertical diesel adapters possess a rod that sits on the stack’s top and ensures proper airflow.
  • These stack adapters can withstand temperatures up to 600°F when used with a fan assisted system.
  • Our diesel exhaust stack or tailpipe adapters fit garage exhaust hoses with inside diameters of 4″, 5”, and 6”.