Secure Payments

Secure Payment Options at Exhaust-Away

At Exhaust-Away, we accept payments via credit card or PayPal

  • Credit Card: You accept major credit cards including MasterCard/Visa/American Express and Discover cards. 
  • PayPal: You can click on the PayPal logo that appears on the payment page or you can click on the PROCEED to PAYPAL button that appears below the checkout information page and you will be redirected to the PayPal login page. Please enter your account information to log in to PayPal.

Paypal secure payment

General Questions on Payment Security Answered

  • How Secure is My Credit Card Information at Exhaust-Away?
    At Exhaust-Away, your credit card information is safe and secured. The credit card numbers are secured by the secure socket layer (SSL) protocol – 128-bit encryption. As per the privacy policy, your personal or private information is not shared with any third-parties at any stage of business. This allows us to stay true to our commitment of safe and secure shopping at Exhaust-Away.
  • How Safe is a PayPal Payment?
    As said before, you will be directed to the PayPal login page on choosing PayPal as the payment method. Like all major payment service providers, PayPal uses advanced encryption technologies to assure the security of payments. In addition to this, PayPal also uses servers that monitor if your browser is updated to the latest data encryption technology. PayPal employs an advanced digital data defense system. 

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