Y Connectors


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Features of Y-Connectors

Y-connectors, along with Exhaust-Away hoses, have set the standard for exhaust removal systems. The following features of these Y connectors make them an ideal choice for garages and automotive facilities:

  • The Y-connectors available with us are made of rubber and aluminum, which adds to their flexibility and durability.
  • These connectors are compatible for 2”, 2.5", 3", and 4" hoses.
  • These connectors offer the same combination of heat resistance and performance as Exhaust-Away garage hoses.
  • They can be a perfect replacement for damaged or kinked Y-connectors in your facility.
  • These Y connectors for garage exhaust hoses are suited for your standalone home garages, as well as commercial garages, where multiple vehicles may be serviced at the same time.