Factors to Consider While Selecting Tailpipe Adapters for Your Garage Exhaust Application

Tailpipe adapters are used to attach garage exhaust hoses to a vehicle’s tailpipe. They help garage owners and other automotive facilities get rid of exhaust gases safely. They are made of EPDM rubber, which helps protect the garage exhaust hose as well as the tailpipe. However, due to various types of garage exhaust hoses and vehicle tailpipes, there are several factors that impact the selection of tailpipe adapters. This post lists out the factors you need to consider while selecting a tailpipe adapter suitable for your application.

Tailpipe Adapter Selection

Selection Factors for Tailpipe Adapters

Considering the following factors, you can select a tailpipe adapter that fits well with your garage exhaust hoses and vehicle tailpipe size.

  1. Type of Vehicle Exhaust: As said earlier, there are several varieties of vehicle tailpipes. Each type of vehicle exhaust has different designs and specifications, therefore, some tailpipe adapter may not fit for all. Following are the types of vehicle exhaust according to which the tailpipe adapter must be selected.
    Types of exhaust hose

    • Twin Pipe Exhaust : The twin-pipe exhaust features two identical outlets at the exhaust system of a vehicle. Therefore, tailpipe adapter suitable for dual exhaust and high temperature must be chosen.
    • Vertical Stacks Exhaust : Vertical exhaust is often seen in heavy workload vehicles like semis, tractors, etc. The vertical stack exhaust pumps exhaust gases upwards in the air. For this type of exhaust, vertically stacked rubber tailpipe adapters are preferred for carrying dense exhaust gases.
  2. Size of the Tailpipe Adapter: The main purpose of the tailpipe adapter is to offer a firm connection between the exhaust ports of a vehicle and an exhaust garage hose. Therefore, the size of the adapter must be chosen for perfect fit and sufficient diameter to carry the exhaust gases. In general, the size of the operational tailpipe adapter should be ½ʺ larger than the serviceable diameter.
  3. Adapter Fixing Mechanism: The tailpipe adapters are important to fix firmly to the exhaust hose. Therefore, a suitable fixing mechanism must be considered for this selection. There are different types of fixing mechanisms like chain mechanism, hook mechanism, etc to keep the adapter fixed at the vehicle frame.
  4. The orientation of Tailpipe Adapters: Tailpipes come in two types of orientations, namely, overhead and undercarriage tailpipes. The adapters are expected to match the orientation of the tailpipe in order to carry out the smooth exhaust. Therefore, in order to reduce exhaust drag, internal friction and heat generation, appropriate orientation of exhaust tailpipe adapters must be selected.

Now that you know how to select a suitable tailpipe adapter, you must buy it from a trusted supplier to ensure quality. Poor quality adapters lead to ill-fit, hose damage, exhaust leakage, etc. Therefore, you must buy it from prominent manufacturers like Exhaust-Away. The company specializes in the design and manufacturing of exhaust hoses, adapters and other accessories. They have experts to help you make appropriate selections.