Flare-Lok® Exhaust Hoses: Benefits and Features Discussed in Detail

Flare-Lok® Exhaust Hoses

Quality exhaust hoses ensure the safety of people and premises. They help move toxic exhaust fumes and gases from garages and automotive facilities. Exhaust-Away sells only the highest quality exhaust removal systems and its products are widely used across the US. Flare-Lok® exhaust hoses from Exhaust-Away have been one of the most popular hoses used in overhead, underground, and out-the-door systems. They find applications in vehicle exhaust, industrial exhaust, and fume extraction systems in garages or automotive repair shops across the US. What makes these hoses popular? Are they available in custom specifications? Read the post to know the answers and more.

Six Reasons that Make Flare-Lok® Exhaust Hoses Are So Popular

Flare-Lok® stands out from the crowded field of exhaust hoses on the market because:

  • Self-Splicing: The exhaust hose has a flared end, which can be easily connected to a second hose to increase the length without the need for a separate splice in ground-based applications. These hoses can be stored away after using them in outdoor applications.
  • Crushproof Construction: These exhaust hoses are made of 100% solid EPDM rubber, which makes them crushproof. These hoses can withstand being run by nearly any vehicle and are great for environments where equipment or carts are used regularly. You won’t find a more impact or crushproof hose.
  • Suited for High Temperature Applications: Owing to their construction, Flare-Lok® exhaust hoses can withstand temperatures as high as 600 degrees Fahrenheit when used with a fan assisted system, and the right sized adapter.
  • Cost Effectiveness: Flared ends and user-friendly, durable, and reliable construction allow users to save on these Flare-Lok® exhaust hoses. Flared ends help save on additional accessories. Durable construction helps save on multiple replacements and users can maximize the value of their exhaust investments.
  • Available in Various Lengths: These exhaust hoses measure 11 feet in length and are available for 2″, 2.5″, 3″ and 4″ internal hose diameters.
  • Customizable: Exhaust-Away can provide these hoses in customized specifications to meet specific application requirements. The company also provides additional accessories and fittings to ensure tight fitting.

The team at Exhaust-Away works closely with clients to understand their requirements. This helps them suggest the right products. You can get in touch with the team at Exhaust-Away to understand these hoses better.