Garage Exhaust Systems: Solution to Critical Indoor Vehicle Exhaust Problems

A vehicle exhaust system is designed to discharge toxic combustibles into the air. When the vehicle is under test run at a fire station or under servicing at a garage, it poses potential hazards of carbon build-up. Unlike, on the go vehicle exhaust, the indoor vehicle exhaust builds up inside the fire station or garage. This causes several health hazards like respiratory concerns, heart conditions, etc to the people working in the garage or exposed to them accidentally. Therefore, it is essential to remove exhaust gases by using a garage exhaust extraction system. The automotive exhaust systems are integrated with garage exhaust hose to build up a garage exhaust extraction system. This makes the garage exhaust system quite important for garages and fire stations. This post discusses the hazards of vehicle exhaust and how garage exhaust extraction systems become the ultimate solution for this problem

The Hazards of Indoor Vehicle Exhaust Gases

Automobiles are a major source of hazardous exhaust gas emissions. CO2, NOx, Sulphur, etc are a all hazardous gases emitted by a vehicle’s exhaust. These emitted exhaust gases are heavier than air in weight and also have a dense composition that stays up in the air. CO2 and NOx in specific, build up in the garage. As the automobiles are serviced, and repaired inside a fire station or garage, there is no outlet for exhaust gases. If these exhaust gases are clogged indoors, then it can cause extreme hazards to respiratory systems of personnel inside the same room. Particles of exhaust gases contain lead, sulfur, etc which are highly poisonous. If these particles enter into the human respiratory system then a person may suffer from lung poisoning, heart disorders, respiratory system failure, and many more. Therefore, it is essential to find a solution to the problem.

Solutions to Vehicle Exhaust Problems

The garage exhaust hose system is the required solution for the problem of garage exhaust gas build-up.Let us discuss what makes the garage exhaust hose system create a solution for indoor exhaust build up.

How Does Garage Exhaust Hose System Help With Indoor Trapped Exhaust?

The garage exhaust hose systems are integrations of several exhaust products that create an outlet to drive exhaust gases and fumes from the fire station or garage. Various types of vehicles have varying types of automotive exhaust systems. Therefore, the vehicle extraction system or vehicle exhaust system installed at a service station must be compatible with different types of cars. The following products from the garage shop exhaust hose system are suitable for resolving several indoor exhaust problems.

  • Garage Exhaust HoseGarage Exhaust Hoses: Various types of garage exhaust hoses are used in an integrated vehicle exhaust extraction system or garage exhaust hose system. These hoses are designed to withstand the exhaust gases. The garage exhaust hose is directly connected to a suitable tailpipe adapter. The exhaust gases from the vehicle exhaust pipe enter the hose and are then carried outside the garage. This way, vehicle exhaust gases do not get trapped inside the garage.
  • Tailpipe Adapters Exhaust Hose/Tailpipe Adapters: Sometimes the garage exhaust hoses do not fit with the exhaust systems of cars. This may lead to exhaust gas leakage. Therefore, to avoid this situation, tailpipe adapters are used. The tailpipe adapters offer a proper fit to the vehicles tailpipe.

  • Exhaust FittingsExhaust Fittings: Some vehicles have multiple exhaust outlets. In such cases, to offer 1 single garage exhaust outlet to a dual vehicle exhaust, the fittings are used. Y-assemblies, elbow fittings, and overhead connectors are commonly used in vehicle exhaust systems.

These three products together or individually make a suitable solution for indoor trapped exhaust gas hazards if used in garage exhaust assemblies. When designing and building vehicle exhaust systems, it is important that you use quality products and accessories. Today, you can find garage exhaust hoses, tailpipe adapters, and exhaust fittings in different configurations. It is important that you choose the ones that perfectly match your requirements and also source them from trusted manufacturers.