Important Exhaust Hose Fittings That You May Need in Your Facility

Exhaust removal is required in automotive facilities, fire stations, and garages. Exhaust gases are produced during the combustion of fuels such as diesel, petrol, natural gas, and so on. Continuous exposure to these gases has dangerous consequences, and thus they are removed through garage exhaust systems. The exhaust pipes are connected to specially designed exhaust hoses that help perform exhaust removal effectively. There are different types of exhaust hoses used by automotive facilities and garages for exhaust removal. Now, like any regular industrial hoses, these hoses also require special types of exhaust hose fittings for excellent connectivity and performance. What are these fittings? How are they used? This post discusses various popular exhaust hose or pipe fittings in detail.

An Overview of Different Types of Exhaust Hose Fittings Used

Although exhaust hoses may differ in terms of design and construction, they all use some common fittings. They are described as below:

  • Tailpipe Adapters: These adapters are used to connect the garage exhaust hose to the tailpipe and are designed to protect both. Tailpipe adapters can capture fumes from any exhaust system effectively. They are provided with hook and chain that helps them keep in place. Tailpipe adapters are available in different shapes and designs, and the following are a few prominent designs:
    • Straight Adapters: These adapters are mainly designed for round pipes. When used in the underbody of a vehicle, they are held in place using a hook and chain.
      Straight Tailpipe Adapters
    • Diesel Stack Adapters: These are ideal for larger round stacks on semis. Diesel stack adapters have a rod in the middle so that they can be placed over the stack and provide proper airflow. These adapters are also used under the body of larger vehicles such as buses and fire trucks.
      Diesel Stack Adapters
    • Oval Adapters: These adapters get their name from their oval shape. They can be used above and under the vehicle. Oval adapters are provided with hook and chain when used under the vehicle; however, they are also available with a suction cup for vehicles with flush-mounted tailpipes.
      Oval Tailpipe Adapter
    • Universal Adapters: They can be easily fitted to a large number of tailpipes and are provided with clips, which help users adjust the size of the opening.
      Universal Tailpipe Adapters
  • Wire Hose Adapters: These adapters are long and have smooth, tapered cuffs, which can be easily connected to any existing hose using an included clamp. There is a standard thread at the other end that can be easily connected to a variety of fittings and connectors.
    Wire Hose Adapter
  • Splice Connectors: Splices are one of the important types of connectors that are used to connect different types of exhaust hoses. They made of aluminum or rubber.
    Splice Connector
  • Y-Assemblies: These are designed for use on vehicles with dual exhaust pipes. The assemblies comprise of a “Y” connector, two 4’ hoses, and two tailpipe adapters.
    Y Assemblies
  • Door Ports: The door ports are used on garage doors to create an opening for garage exhaust hoses. Like many other exhaust hose or pipe fittings discussed here, they are made of aluminum or rubber, which help them withstand unfavorable conditions.
    Door Ports
  • Elbows: There are mainly two types of elbows – aluminum versions for overhead systems and rubber versions for inground systems. The rubber elbows are used to connect the floor port and the hose, and aluminum elbows enable the user to incorporate a pulley and rope to easily lower and raise the garage exhaust hoses used in overhead systems.
  • Overhead Connectors: As the name suggests, these fittings are designed for use with overhead systems. One end of the connector is threaded so that a garage exhaust hose can be screwed onto it. The other end of the connector has a smooth interior used to connect to a “T” coming down from overhead ductwork.
    Overhead Connectors

Each of these fittings have an important role to play in the safety and performance of garage exhaust systems, thus, it is necessary to source them from a trusted and reliable source like Exhaust-Away. The company specializes in the supply of garage exhaust hoses and accessories.