Why Using FlareLok Exhaust Hoses Would Be Beneficial for Your Exhaust Systems


FlareLok exhaust hoses


Exhaust hoses are a must in applications involving fumes, smoke, and gases. They serve as an outlet for exhaust systems to release these harmful and toxic elements. An exhaust system is used in automobiles, garages, and industrial applications to drive away poisonous exhaust gases. A number of toxic gases and fumes are generated through the combustion process that are extremely hazardous for human health and safety. Flarelok hoses offered by Exhaust-Away are a great way to keep air clean and workers safe wherever exhaust fumes need to be removed. This post talks about how you can utilize FlareLok hoses in your facility and why they are such a popular choice for fume removal.


Why Are FlareLok Exhaust Hoses Popular?

FlareLok hoses have been a key part of industrial and vehicle exhaust removal systems for decades. Here are some reasons why:

  • These exhaust hoses are designed to last indefinitely in outdoor applications. They are made of solid EPDM rubber, which is proven to resist UV, ozone, thermal cycling, and a wide range of chemicals. That means they can be used and stored outside in all climates without damage.
  • They can be used in underground, overhead, and out-the-door exhaust systems.
  • They have high heat resistance and are designed to withstand temperatures up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit when used in a fan-assisted system.
  • Standard length is 11 feet, and they can be connected without a splice connector for ground-based applications.
  • The hose is crush-proof, meaning it can be run over by a truck and will not be damaged.
  • Various adapter options are available for each size of FlareLok hose, allowing for a better, safer fit around the exhaust pipe.

Applications of FlareLok Exhaust Hoses

FlareLok hoses and compatible fittings find applications across industries. Here are some examples:

  • Garages
  • Chemical fume extraction
  • Automobile engines
  • Marine exhaust systems
  • HVAC and related ventilation systems

If you are an OEM in chemicals, automotive, or any other crucial sector and are looking for crushproof hoses, you can easily rely on FlareLok. Exhaust-Away is an authorized supplier of FlareLok hoses and can help you create a custom solution to fit your exact needs.