F475-DYNO Exhaust Hose 3” x 6”


Oval dynamometer adapter for twin tailpipes with probe hole. It screws into the ACT400DYNO. Our DYNO products are designed for use with dynamometers and in high performance applications. They will withstand exhaust temperatures of up to 700°F when used with a fan assisted system.

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Weight2 lbs
Dimensions10 × 4 × 4 in


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Questions and answers of the customers

  1. A All our DYNO hoses as well as adapters are stocked in our inventory and we can ship them within two business days once the order is placed. We offer multiple shipping options. You can choose your preferred one during the checkout process.
  2. A Exhaust-Away’s F475 DYNO exhaust hose adapters are made of high temperature EPDM rubber and possess a crush proof construction.
  3. A DYNO F475 adapters are oval in shape with one end tapered and threaded. The other end is cup shaped and it has a probe hole. This adapter fits well for twin tailpipes and can be screwed into ACT 400 DYNO hoses. It captures the exhaust fumes and pushes then down through the hose.
  4. A The entire DYNO exhaust system is designed to withstand extreme heat, smoke, and chemicals. The F475 adapter can withstand temperatures up to 700 degrees Fahrenheit, if used with a proper fan assisted system for cooling.
  5. A Exhaust-Away strictly complies with the industry standards in terms of the hose and adapter sizes and dimensions for all the DYNO products. The F475 hose adapter is made to screw into the ACT400DYNO hose and the opening for the tailpipe is 3" x 6".
  6. A The F475 DYNO exhaust hose adapters are used alongside dynamometers in high performance applications. The DYNO exhaust extraction systems are used to test vehicle exhaust. All our DYNO room exhaust extraction hose adapters are suitable for DYNO hoses used in garages, automotive repair shops, and so on.