F350-DYNO Exhaust Hose 4″ ID x 11′


3.5” ID dynamometer tailpipe adapter with probe hole. It screws into the ACT400DYNO. Our DYNO products are designed for use with dynamometers and in high performance applications. They will withstand exhaust temperatures of up to 700°F when used with a fan assisted system.

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Weight2.5 lbs
Dimensions12 × 4 × 4 in


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Questions and answers of the customers

  1. A We ship the same or next business day in most cases. Please contact us if you have an urgent need and we’ll make sure to get you squared away.
  2. A These will fit any round pipe up to 3″ OD.
  3. A No, it will fit all of our 3″ and 4″ hoses.
  4. A This DYNO exhaust pipe adapter is designed to withstand temperatures up to 700F when used with a fan-assisted system.
  5. A We ensure that our inventory is well stocked with the DYNO hoses and adapters including F350 as they are in high demand. We can ship them within two days after you confirm the order. You can choose your suitable checkout process from our website.
  6. A Exhaust-Away’s F350 DYNO exhaust hose adapters are straight and somewhat cylindrical with a tailpipe structure and a probe hole. They can be fitted efficiently into ACT 400 DYNO hoses. It is threaded at the end, and this enables an easy and tight fitment into an extraction system hose.
  7. A The DYNO F350 exhaust hose adapters are made of high temperature EPDM rubber and are crush proof in construction.
  8. A Yes, the F350 DYNO exhaust extraction adapter can withstand temperatures of up to 700 degrees Fahrenheit and is designed to endure harsh industrial environments. However, it needs to be used along with an appropriate fan assisted system to prevent overheating.
  9. A All the DYNO products including the F350 exhaust adapter are designed in accordance with the set industry standards in terms of the size, dimensions, and weight. The F350 adapter weighs 22 pounds and has a 3.5” ID opening for single tailpipes. It can be comfortably fitted into hoses with length of up to 11 feet and internal diameter of 4".
  10. A The F350 exhaust hose adapters are used along with dynamometers in high performance applications. This typical DYNO exhaust extraction system hose finds applications in garages and automobile repair shops for vehicle exhaust testing.