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Beneficial Features of Rubber Y-Connectors from Exhaust-Away

Here are some beneficial features of rubber Y-connectors from Exhaust-Away that make them an ideal choice for your exhaust requirements.

  • Our Y-hose connectors are designed for garage exhaust hoses with various diameters. They are available for hoses with inside diameters of 2ʺ, 2.5ʺ, and 3ʺ.
  • The Y-hose connector design features precise 120-degree angles between each fit section.
  • Our Y-hose connectors feature a thread-fitting mechanism, which assures their compatibility with all Exhaust-Away rubber hoses.
  • They are designed for applications up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit when used with a fan assisted system.

Applications of Rubber Y-Connectors by Exhaust-Away

Exhaust-Away rubber Y-connectors are used for the following applications.

  • Dual exhaust vehicle systems
  • Industrial gas transportation and distribution hoses
  • Garage or fire station exhaust outlets