All You Need to Know About Splice Connectors

Most of you till now may have heard of splice connectors in context with electrical wires. However, they are also used for hoses in garages and other exhaust extraction applications. A splice is basically a joint formed when two hoses or pipes are combined together. A splice connector establishes a connection between the two hoses and also helps identify leaks if any. This post discusses the details you would want to know about splice connectors.

Exhaust-Away Splice Connectors

Types of Hose Splice Connectors Discussed

There are various types of splice connectors used to connect hoses to suit the application requirement. They can be classified based on the material of construction as:

  • Rubber: These are made to survive being crushed, so they are great for applications where vehicle traffic is common. These connectors have internal threading specifically designed for use with our rubber exhaust hose products. Another benefit is that they are lightweight.
  • Aluminum: Aluminum splice connectors have external threads that provide a stronger grip than the rubber splices. This is critical for overhead applications where the weight of the tube pulls on the splice.

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