Why You Should Choose Dynamometer Exhaust Hoses by Exhaust-Away

A dynamometer is a device that measures torque, and speed of the rotary system such as wheels, cranks, etc. Owing to this feature, the dynamometer is used for vehicle exhaust tests. During such tests, high-temperature exhaust gases are emitted, which are required to be drawn out of the testing device via a hose. In order to sustain such high temperatures, special types of hoses are used. These hoses are called dynamometer exhaust hoses. Exhaust-Away is a prominent supplier of DYNO exhaust extraction hoses and tailpipe adapters.

Types of DYNO Exhaust Products Offered at Exhaust-Away

Exhaust-Away offers the following types of DYNO exhaust hoses and compatible products that are suitable for different dyno exhaust extraction systems.

  • Act-400 DYNO Exhaust Hose:ACT400-DYNO Exhauast Hose Exhaust-Away offers Act-400 Dyno Exhaust Hoses that can withstand up to 700˚ F when accompanied with a fan-assisted system. They are designed to fit well with dyno exhaust extraction systems during dynamometer vehicle exhaust tests like IM240 and VMAs. Measuring 4ʺ ID x 11ˊ, these exhaust hoses possess a longer operational life than regular exhaust hoses

  • F475-DYNO Exhaust Hose (Dyno Tailpipe Adapter): F475-DYNO Exhaust HoseF475-DYNO exhaust hose is a dynamometer tailpipe adapter. It is designed to fit with twin tailpipes, and it features a probe hole. It can be screwed-in with the ACT-400 DYNO exhaust hose, to extend or support the hose during high-temperature exhaust tests. They measure 3ʺ x 6ʺ in size. It also can sustain 700˚ F of temperature generated during dynamometer vehicle exhaust tests.

  • F350-DYNO Exhaust Hose (Dyno Tailpipe Adapter): F350-DYNO Exhaust HoseF350-DYNO tailpipe adapters are designed to screw-into the ACT 400 DYNO hoses. It is designed to fit with single tailpipes up to 3” OD, and it features a probe hole. It also can sustain 700˚ F of temperature generated during dynamometer vehicle exhaust tests.

Applications of Exhaust-Away DYNO Exhaust Hoses and Tailpipe Adapters

The following are the common industrial applications of dynamometer exhaust hoses and their adapters.

  • During vehicle exhaust tests like IM240, VMAS, etc, these dyno hoses and adapters are used as integrated parts of dyno exhaust extraction systems.
  • Industrial exhaust systems find applications in facilities where high-temperature gases are to be extracted. Smoke exhausts in industries like food and beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical, etc are the common industrial application of dyno hoses.
  • DYNO exhaust hoses are used in fume exhaust systems at petroleum industries, mechanical industries, etc,.
  • DYNO hoses are used for fume and smoke exhaust removal at the fire stations, garages, and vehicle repair shops.

Now that you know why and where you can use DYNO exhaust hoses by Exhaust-Away, you can get in touch with the team for more information. The company offers a wide range of industrial exhaust hoses.